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TelecomsTalk | May 27, 2022

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Movius Interactive Corporation has today released its latest solution to help operators boost revenues by offering customers the convenience of multiple distinct identities – each with separate voice, data and messaging – on a single mobile device and with the flexibility of split billing for each identity. Unlike other OTT solutions that rely only on data (VoIP), the Movius solution is the first ever OTT service to use either circuit switching or data for voice and SMS communications – allowing the smartphone user to easily choose whether to consume from voice minutes or data allocation and allowing operators to capitalize on the existing voice and data network. Following cloud-based trials with service providers on both sides of the Atlantic Movius has now made the solution universally available.

This unique client/server-based solution called myIdentities, empowers subscribers with privacy, control and mobility, whilst opening up new revenue streams for operators who are now able to charge customers a premium for additional lines on their mobile phone. The “myIdentities Consumer” solution provides an anonymous and/or temporary number for consumers wanting an additional line for social networking, roaming, dating services or classifieds, while “myIdentities Business” solution helps small and medium enterprises by expanding all aspects of their desk phones (voice, voicemail, call log, contact list, etc.) to their mobile devices.

“The potential for this is tremendous. We have had dual line technology installed with a partner in Latin America, which is a simpler version of myIdentites, and they have reported increased ARPU of more than 20 percent. Now with this application, which has a slick user interface and easy to use functionality, service providers will be able to access this extra revenue stream easily,” said Jose Romero, Vice President Product Strategy & Marketing, Movius Interactive Corporation.

myIdentities Consumer and myIdentities Business are the latest applications released by Movius for its Communications Applications Framework Engine, or CAFÉ – a platform that bridges the telecommunications world with the social, local and mobile world and allows operators to offer services that rival and take advantage of the over the top (OTT) revolution.

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