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TelecomsTalk | November 14, 2018

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White Papers

  • Ten Steps towards an Optimal IT Infrastructure

    Reichle & De-Massari and Rittal

    What makes up the physical infrastructure of a data center? How do you go about selecting the optimal system components? And what service aspects and services are available? The answers to these fundamental questions can be found in the new White Paper by Rittal, solution provider for IT infrastructures, and Reichle & De-Massari AG (R&M), manufacturer and provider of cabling solutions for high-performance data center networks.

  • Analyse This, Predict That


    This report considers how institutions compete and win with data analytics. While our core needs for money – to save, spend, borrow, invest – may not have changed much over the centuries, the way we interact with financial institutions has, and continues to drastically change.

  • ISPs and Default-On Filters for Home Internet Use

    In July 2013, the UK Government announced plans to enforce a ‘family-friendly’ filter across Internet Service Providers. Whilst the intention is honourable, the method and process is confused and lacks the necessary clarity to enable small and large ISPs to put anything into practice. This white paper seeks to understand some of the issues surrounding the Default-On filters, why they are so impractical and what should be done to better safeguard our children against the ‘dark corners of the internet’.

  • Where Fiber Fears to Trench

    O3b Networks

    O3bTrunk brings new options for profitable and timely expansion for Telcos, ISPs and corporate network providers. Providers who want to grow beyond STM1 can use this White paper which includes technical and business information and case examples to gain insight ...

  • The Case for Rural Data Services and Satellite Backhaul

    O3b Networks

    Informa Telecoms & Media performed economic modeling for a rural network with a variety of backhaul technologies and concluded that MEO-driven backhaul is the most effective technology, assuming that data services are significant in rural areas and require in excess ...

  • What is Network Latency and Why Does It Matter?

    O3b Networks

    This White paper addresses the sources of delays to internet data and describes how the users of the O3b Satellite constellation will observe significantly less impact from these delays when compared to other satellite-based systems.

  • BroadbandSuite 4.1: Management & Provisioning for Quality Service Delivery

    Broadband Forum

    The latest Broadband Forum release, BroadbandSuite™ 4.1, provides techniques and tools to provision, measure and manage each segment of the broadband network to ensure quality delivery of Connected Home services. This release looks at the ever expanding ecosystem of the ...

  • MR-239 Broadband Forum Value Proposition for Connected Home

    Broadband Forum

    The purpose of this White Paper is to outline the emerging Connected Home market and the value proposition of Broadband Forum for Service Providers and consumers.

  • MR-235 Considerations in Broadband Architecture Moving to FMC

    Broadband Forum

    Fixed/Mobile Convergence, Broadband Convergence, network transformation, interworking are terminologies frequently used by the telecommunication industry. The purpose of this Broadband Forum marketing document is to shed light on this highly popular topic.

  • MR-229 Leveraging Standards for Next Generation Wholesale Access

    Broadband Forum

    The continuing trend of increasing broadband adoption and utilisation is driving the deployment of technologies with greater capabilities. This has been widely referred to as Next Generation Broadband Access. This paper discusses the drivers for the deployment of these technologies ...