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TelecomsTalk | September 28, 2022

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The Next Generation of Mobile Technologies Demonstrated by OMA


The Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) demonstration day took the mobile industry into a new era of wireless concepts at Mobile World Congress this year, as industry leading vendors and operators came together to demonstrate next generation mobile technologies.

Presentations and demonstrations were made from OMA members companies and global industry leaders including: Huawei, Telecom Italia, Interop Technologies, Comverse, CSR, Sensinode, Fraunhofer Institute for Open Communication Systems (FOKUS), Gemalto, Red Bend Software and Invisitrack. Demos ranged from M2M, Rich Communications Services (RCS), Enterprise Cloud Solutions, Federated Social Networks, Augmented Reality and Location-based Services (LBS).

Seth Newberry, General Manager of the OMA said “We had a great event, we filled the room and really held the attention of the audience. The presentations were terrific; there were some announcements about products that were based on OMA enablers and some compelling technology demonstrations. All of our members who attended were showing some really fascinating stuff.”

“I work with OMA specifications all the time, and tend to see these enablers as independent pieces of technology. But when the enablers are embedded in these real-world applications, they really come to life and people get to see what the work our members do actually produces for the industry and the consumers.”

This year’s event witnessed applications from nearly 2500 attendee’s and following its huge success, the OMA can confirm it will be back again next year, no doubt with even more exciting new technologies to show.

To see an overview of this year’s event click here: and for the video click here: