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TelecomsTalk | January 28, 2022

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Phoenix Photonics Launches Latest Polarization Control Instrument Today at OFC


New Product Complements Popular Firebird Range

Phoenix Photonics, the UK-based optical fiber components specialist, has unveiled a new polarization control instrument as part of its expanding Firebird instrumentation range today at OFC. The exhibition marks the global launch of the new product and can be seen at Booth #1710 from 19 – 21 March, Anaheim Convention Center, CA.

The new polarization controller utilizes a novel technique which provides a user programmable state of polarization anywhere on the Poincare Sphere. The instrument itself is all-fiber, low loss and high extinction ratio. It has pre-selected facilities for user programming and will enable users to select any state, in order to programme and switch between pre-selected states, for example, programme rotating half-wave and quarter wave plates. It ensures maximum power throughput at the selected state and an in-built method to move the plane of output polarization.

The Firebird range, which currently provides precision polarization control products using proprietary fiber technology is part of the company’s widening portfolio of equipment for the global fiber optics market, which already consists of; Fiber Optic Polarizer and Depolarizers, Fiber Optic Differential Group Delay Line and Fiber Polarization Control Instruments.

Dr Ian Giles, CEO of Phoenix Photonics said: “The Firebird range has proved extremely popular since its US launch at OFC last year. We developed the new polarization control instrument in line with customer requirements and the technology we use allows us to offer them world-class quality instruments at a highly competitive price.”

As well as launching the new polarization control instrument globally this week at OFC, Phoenix will be exhibiting a new range of fiber spatial mode control components, including mode converters for Few Moded Fibers and Photonic Lantern technology for SDM (Space Division Multiplexing).

Phoenix primarily provides optical fiber components and modules for telecommunications test and measurement instrumentation and sensing systems. The company also supplies university R&D departments and research establishments developing next generation systems.