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TelecomsTalk | July 2, 2022

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Netadmin Systems Showcases Fibre Migration Technology at ANGA Cable Show 2012


There is great untapped potential for cable companies to reduce costs, simplify and improve their network management, according to network systems specialist Netadmin. The company is exhibiting at ANGA Cable Show 2012 and has already implemented its solution at a number of cable operators in the Netherlands including Cai Harderwijk, Caiway and Kabelnoord.

Netadmin will be showcasing its solution for the first time at ANGA. It is designed to help cable companies migrate to fibre and ensure they are able to achieve their full business potential by enabling higher efficiency and customer uptake, as well as retention through improved quality.

“Many cable TV operators are evaluating their infrastructure, both in the short and long term. Often, they choose to go for parallel access infrastructure, but the trouble is, from an operational perspective it is costly to manage and a challenge to adapt old legacy systems to manage new infrastructure, like FTTH,” said Torbjörn Sandberg, CEO of Netadmin.

Most recently, Netadmin installed its solution at Kabelnoord, a regional cable company in the North of the Netherlands which is launching its IPTV service in the autumn of 2012. Its network is located in the municipalities of Ameland, Dantuma Diel, Dongeradeel and Schiermonnikoog Kollumerland.

“Netadmin’s software is proven at managing parallel infrastructures in real-world scenarios. The solution being demonstrated is built upon more than two decades of access technology compatibility including cable, fibre xPON, fibre point-to-point, xDSL and wireless. The solution gives the cable TV operator the freedom to choose a business model which can be implemented very quickly. I believe this is one reason why we are seeing such growth in this area,” Mr Sandberg added.

Earlier this year Netadmin completed an installation with Caiway, one of the leading Dutch cable operators. Netadmin Systems installed its open access management platform ahead of an expected surge in customers and services, as the rollout of fibre on the network it operates on is being vastly extended.

NETadmin manages service fulfillment (provisioning), documentation of devices, service assurance (monitoring) and service support (ticketing, real time data from core and distribution network, CMTS and Cable Modems). It also features end-to-end support in terms of network and service life-cycle.