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TelecomsTalk | February 22, 2024

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High Density Fiber Management Critical as Europe Looks to Break 200 Million FTTH Homes by 2021, Says Go!Foton

High Density Fiber Management Critical as Europe Looks to Break 200 Million FTTH Homes by 2021, Says Go!Foton

Go!Foton welcomes latest FTTH Council New Fiber Market Panorama but calls for Intelligent Fiber Management (IFM) to support hard-pressed Telecoms operators amid boom in home working and Data Center growth.

Intelligent management of high density fiber connectivity will be a key factor in supporting the continued successful growth of FTTH/B across Europe, according to Go!Foton, a US-based photonics company with a 30-year track record in optical communications. Go!Foton, which already has offices and partners in The Netherlands, Germany, France, and Spain, said that innovative approaches to management of increasingly dense physical fiber infrastructure would be crucial as Europe moved forward.

“Rapid densification is a fact of life for FTTH/B operators,” said Go!Foton Michael Zammit, VP & GM of Connectivity Solutions. “The need for efficient deployment of new high connection count installations compatible with existing equipment has never been greater. From traditional service providers to cloud datacenters, operators of densified optical networks require versatile connectivity solutions oriented for fast, simple, cost-effective field deployment.

He continued, “Meeting the challenges of today’s accelerating demand for high-speed symmetrical bandwidth as well as the latency and reliability requirements of next-gen applications calls for intelligent fiber management solutions capable of simultaneously accommodating current needs and allowing seamless evolution to the networks of tomorrow.”  

Go!Foton’s message to the market came shortly after the FTTH Council released its 2020 Fibre Market Panorama. The report highlighted France, Italy, and Spain for biggest increases in number of homes passed, while confirming that FTTH/B coverage in Europe extends to nearly half of total homes.

Kees de Waard, President of FTTH Council Europe, stressed the ambitions of Gigabit connected society in Europe, commenting that “FTTH/B networks…are the only future-proof infrastructure.” With its reliability and ease of deployment, Go!Foton’s PEACOC® line of frames, patch panels, and OSP terminals is ideally suited to meet the needs of optical network operators today while offering a seamless migration path to future implementations. Whether it’s in the data center or the central office, PEACOC’spatented spreadable adapters offer error-free accessibility to individual connections while optimizing the use of valuable rack space. For the outside plant, Go!Foton’s 2020 Lightwave Award winning PEACOC® High Density Compact Terminal integrates spreadable adapter technology with an innovatively designed outside plant compact enclosure perfectly suited for wall, pole, and strand mount applications and expands the reach of PEACOC® while setting new benchmarks for density, adaptability, and ease of deployment.