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TelecomsTalk | November 14, 2018

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CityFibre adds brain to its fibre brawn in partnership with Calix


CityFibre chooses Calix to enable advanced capability, intelligence and automation across its UK city networks.

CityFibre has entered into a strategic partnership with Calix to deploy the world’s only Software Defined Access (SDA) operating system (OS) across its fibre networks. The implementation of Calix’s AXOS platform sees CityFibre emerge as the UK’s only advanced-intelligence, wholesale infrastructure company, capable of delivering parallel 10 gigabits per second (Gbps) connections to every home and business, with further potential for speeds of up to 100 Gbps.

Once deployed, CityFibre will operate a truly open-access, Software Defined Networking (SDN) ecosystem, with the ability to support partners’ end-to-end SDN implementation. Its carrier, mobile operator and ISP customers will gain direct access to unprecedented levels of programability, network intelligence and automation – akin to owning the network, but without the upfront capital risk. This will reshape how they architect their own networks forever and enable them to deliver superior, differentiated services with exceptional customer experience.

CityFibre’s networks are designed from the outset to meet the bandwidth capacity requirements of homes, business, and mobile operators far into the future. The Calix AXOS platform will build on this foundation to ensure a single unified, intelligent access network. Through it, the company will be able to leverage breakthrough technologies like NG-PON2 and enable automation of manual functions across the network. CityFibre will also be able to radically reduce network operating complexity and costs while deploying future services at exceptional speed.

With the new intelligent platform and scalable access in situ wherever connections are needed, CityFibre’s networks will stimulate the onward development of advanced smart technologies for homes, businesses and cities, while catalysing the roll-outs of 5G and IoT.

“In Calix we have found a like-minded ally, an innovator that is pushing the boundaries of what is possible when intelligent software meets fibre-only infrastructure. Our partnership enables us to unleash the full power and potential of our fibre networks, creating the nation’s fastest, smartest and most accessible, digital communications platform. The ability to scale services up to 100 gigabits per second, while driving customer experience to new levels, highlights the inadequacies of connections that are passed off as fibre today. It also shows that not all full fibre networks are equal and that, as an alternative network builder, CityFibre’s commitment to the UK’s digital future goes far beyond simply putting fibre in the ground,” said Greg Mesch, chief executive of CityFibre.

“The Calix and CityFibre visions of a software defined access future are perfectly aligned. CityFibre built its network from the beginning to take advantage of all that a fibre infrastructure can enable, while we built AXOS with the intelligence to take that foundation to the next level,” said Michael Weening, Calix executive vice president of field operations. “With AXOS, CityFibre can more rapidly deliver new products, services and features to the market, further distancing itself from legacy competitive offerings that fail to enable true market differentiation. As we continue to innovate on the AXOS platform, the continued speed, agility and efficiencies we enable will allow CityFibre and its partners to change the UK’s broadband market forever.”