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TelecomsTalk | December 12, 2018

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ProLabs welcomes Matt McCormick as CEO of Halo


Cirencester, 5 June 2018 – Optical transceiver specialist, ProLabs, is pleased to announce the appointment of Matt McCormick to CEO of Halo Technology, a group recently formed after the forces of ProLabs and AddOn came together in mid-2017. Joining AddOn in 2005 as a sales associate, McCormick gained invaluable expert knowledge in the generation and development of products and education in the market and proved to be a major asset to the AddOn team. iphone 6 case and card holder Moving up the ranks to VP of Sales in 2011, his knowledge of the industry, products and impact the business had on the continued interest and development of optical transceivers was unparalleled. As VP of Sales, McCormick was responsible for the continued promotion and development of the company’s high-quality solution portfolio, ensuring it was at the forefront of technology trends and developments and overseeing global sales. iphone 6 hard case cover Striving to create a goal-oriented team environment, McCormick pioneered the optical transceiver business for AddOn, which directly lead to the reshaping of the business from re-seller of other network accessories to the current business model. He also developed the white label service offering and continues to drive the initiative. Now the biggest provider of optical transceivers in the market today, Halo hopes to change the current mindset of customers when they are looking for connectivity solutions as well as challenging OEM (Original equipment manufacturer) dominance in the market. iphone 7 plus phone cases lego “Our goal and aspirations for ProLabs is to make our mark on the optical connectivity industry by challenging the mindset of customers when it comes to the compatibles market. In doing this, we aim to bridge the current gap between OEM and mid-tier retailers and to continue to provide our loyal customers with world-class connectivity solutions,” McCormick said. apple iphone 6 case silicone black “Through our technical intelligence, sector specialists and expertise, we are on our way to being the recognised provider of compatible products that surpass quality and speed standards of the market.” Not only specialising in compatible transceivers, ProLabs are working hard to provide future-proof complete solutions from 100mb to 100G and offer a number of network interconnect and active network solutions. “ProLabs is an ambitious industry challenger and I am looking forward to spearheading our global compatible connectivity mission. Ultimately, our products are tried, tested and ahead of the curve thanks to our on site, state-of-the-art facilities. iphone 8 plus case stranger things Compatibility is our middle name but it’s not our end-game, and with the support of the Halo group, our presence is only set to expand,” added McCormick.