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TelecomsTalk | February 22, 2024

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Coreix launches new Virtual Private Cloud Platform

Coreix looks to bridge the gap between public and private cloud with the launch of its new Virtual Private Cloud service

Coreix, a London-based managed hosting, colocation, cloud and network services provider, announced the launch of its second generation cloud platform, Virtual Private Cloud, at IP Expo Europe this month. This new service has been designed with SMEs in mind to provide a cost effective alternative to traditional public and private cloud platforms providing flexibility and performance on a non-disposable basis to organizations looking to migrate their legacy IT infrastructure to public, private or hybrid cloud environments.

Some of the features of the new platform include full flash storage, guaranteed minimum RAM and guaranteed storage IOPs as standard. Along with this, it also offers automatic hypervisor failover ensuring that there are no single points of failure, load balancing and DDoS Mitigation with automatic backups. Further to this, it also offers high availability, managed restoration and business grade support as standard.

Enterprises will also be able to connect the Virtual Private Cloud into their existing private cloud on a non-disposable basis and use it to expand their operations on either a temporary or permanent basis while retaining an enterprise feature set.

Commenting on the news, Alan Dean, Coreix MD, stated: “We are delighted to announce the launch of our new cloud platform, the Coreix Virtual Private Cloud. Many customers will be able to lift and shift their existing infrastructure without having to make changes to the way they do business. These platforms combined with our migration services offer an extremely cost effective way of migrating to the cloud.”

He added: “Many proprietary systems are designed and licensed for use on a single high availability machine, or perhaps, two machines with replication. These systems are not suited to the disposable computing public cloud model as they cannot scale easily to multiple instances or zones. The new Virtual Private Cloud platform will enable clients to start to scale their IT requirements and over time, they can move to a hybrid model with some dedicated resources, or to a full private cloud in a seamless manner.”

About Coreix

[] Coreix Limited is a London-based managed hosting, colocation, cloud and network services provider. It offers secure, agile, scalable and robust hosting solutions to clients in varying sectors, ranging from enterprise and financial services to healthcare and government. Each of our clients has a different bespoke requirement, so we offer tailored hardware and software solutions ranging from single dedicated servers to managed multi-server clusters, as well as public and private cloud services. For more information, please visit

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Anne-Marie Lavelle
Marketing Manager