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TelecomsTalk | February 25, 2020

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CAF, Development Bank of Latin America, International Telecommunications Union (ITU) and Google Inc. to Speak at Dynamic Spectrum Alliance Global Summit


The Dynamic Spectrum Alliance (DSA) today announced that CAF – development bank of Latin America – , Google Inc. and the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) will be joining an incredible line up of speakers at its Global Summit in Bogota, Colombia (26-28 April). CAF promotes a sustainable development model through credit operations, non-reimbursable resources, and supports the technical and financial structuring of projects in the public and private sectors of Latin America. Access to broadband in Latin America is well below the global average and Mr. Mauricio Agudelo, Technology, Media and Telecom Specialist, CAF will join the agenda to discuss how good spectrum policy, sharing of best practices on spectrum issues, and capacity building will help drive the broadband ecosystem in the region.

Richard Witt, Corporate Director for Strategic Initiatives, Google Inc. has also been confirmed to speak at the conference and will join a distinguished line-up of speakers from across the globe such as the Inter-American Telecommunications Commission (CITEL), Latin American Forum of Telecommunications Regulators (Regulatel) and regulators including Agencia Nacional del Espectro (ANE), Colombia; Colombia; Superintendencia de Telecomunicaciones (SUTEL), Costa Rica; Agência Nacional de Telecomunicações (ANATEL), Brazil and; Malawi Communications Regulatory Agency (MACRA), Malawi.

Mr. Agudelo is an expert in the Latin American telecommunications industry and has over 15 years’ experience in policy making. Mr Agudelo will join the “Driving the Ecosystem” panel to explore how new global connectivity ecosystems based on new spectrum approaches are financed.

“Latin America is immersed in a new socioeconomic context characterized by an intense adoption of digital technologies. However, the development of the digital ecosystem within the region is still at a nascent stage,” commented Mauricio Agudelo, Technology, Media and Telecom Specialist, CAF. “This Global Summit will allow for these issues to be addressed at the top level. As part of CAF’s strategy, fostering the digital ecosystem will positively impact key variables in Latin America in terms of development and competitiveness. To achieve this, public policy aimed at increasing innovation of ICTs must be articulated within a dynamic and sustainable process that can generate value through the creation of digital content, services and applications at a regional level. Spectrum management, through increased infrastructure and coordinated policies, is essential to sustain an expanding demand for data and services. It is necessary to address the structural inefficiencies in the ecosystem through best practices at the public level. I am looking forward to joining the agenda at the end of this month.”

The Global Summit, co-hosted by Agencia Nacional del Espectro (ANE), the Colombian spectrum regulatory agency, will bring together regulators, policy makers, academics, researchers, and key influential stakeholders from across the globe to discuss policy, technical, regulatory and socio-economic spectrum best practices required to achieve global connectivity through affordable broadband, alleviate the spectrum crunch and enable the Internet of Things.

Google’s Richard Whitt will join a panel titled “The Next Opportunities for Dynamic Spectrum Access and Connectivity.” Richard works to drive Google’s overall mission of universal accessibility to the Internet and will provide great insight on the next steps for spectrum policies to all attendees.

“The Dynamic Spectrum Alliance is really proud of the line-up of top class policy makers and regulators from Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa, and Asia, C-Level executives, CAF, and more who are confirmed for this first Dynamic Spectrum Alliance Summit in Latin America,” said Prof. H Nwana, Executive Director, Dynamic Spectrum Alliance. “I have no doubt that all attendees will return enriched on how to drive up spectrum efficiency in their countries for the benefit of their consumers and citizens. With just two weeks to go, I urge other regulators and policy makers in the region and beyond, who are keen on using spectrum policy to bridge the digital divide and enable the Internet of things, to register and attend. I am proud that CAF, Google Inc., the ITU and many top regulators and stakeholders are involved for these same reasons.”

CAF is participating in the Global Summit as a Diamond sponsor. Platinum sponsors of the Global Summit include Google, Microsoft, and Adaptrum and Gold and Silver sponsors are Mawingu Wi-Fi and Internet Society, respectively.

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