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TelecomsTalk | June 24, 2019

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OMA to Exhibit at Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2015


Demos to Focus on the Power of IoT and Device Management

The Open Mobile Alliance today announced its participation in GSMA’s Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2015 (MWC Shanghai 2015) from July 15 to 17 in Shanghai, China. At booth number W4.A30, OMA will discuss its Generic Open Terminal API (OMA GotAPI), which was introduced in April 2015. GotAPI enables Web-based device APIs to work seamlessly on smartphones such as Android devices or iPhones. Additionally within the OMA booth, five member companies will bring exciting demonstrations based on OMA Enablers.

AVSystem from Poland will present their Unified Device Management Platform – a next generation system for network maintenance, monitoring and device orchestration based on OMA’s open specifications like OMA Device Management (OMA DM) and OMA Lightweight M2M (OMA LWM2M).

Haolian, an OMA member from Beijing, will introduce its WePTT push-to-talk service that works over public cellular mobile communication networks including Edge/3G/4G and WiFi, and is based on the OMA Push-to-talk over Cellular (OMA POC) specification.

Redstone, an OMA member also from Beijing, will bring two demonstrations including Redstone Over-the-Air (RSOTA) and Health Cloud, which are both based on OMA DM standards. RSOTA is a remote device management solution over wireless. Health Cloud can provide important OTA functionality to wearables.

Redbend will show its Connected Car Software Management for OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers to manage vehicle software in a holistic way. Redbend Connected Car Software manages both Head Units and Electronic Control Units (ECUs) over the air, by leveraging OMA DM, Redbend FOTA and virtualization solutions.

Tenggle, another OMA member from Beijing, will showcase its Tenggle-Cloud, which is a Smart Device Management platform based on SaaS using OMA DM. Currently it hosts multiple smart devices of different models for many enterprise customers including smartphones, tablet computers, wearable devices like watches and bands, as well as 3D printers.

“OMA is participating in MWC Shanghai because we are experiencing growing interest in OMA Enablers and APIs from China’s ICT industry, and OMA member companies from China also contribute significantly to the development and promotion of OMA’s global standards,” said Seth Newberry, General Manager of OMA. “OMA hopes to attract more Chinese companies to join OMA and work with their global colleagues on development, optimization and application of international standards in the areas of next generation mobile services, IoT and more.”

OMA’s management team will come to MWC Shanghai for meetings with the region’s industry organizations, standards bodies and leading ICT companies. Topics include standards and specifications for next generation wireless communication, Automotive Telematics and the Internet of Things.

To arrange a briefing, interview or meeting with the OMA or one of their members that are attending MWC Shanghai, please email or Alternatively, come along to the OMA stand at booth number W4.A30 or follow them on twitter @OpenMobileA .