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TelecomsTalk | September 28, 2022

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Emotum Connection Manager Simplifies Mobile Broadband


Global connection manager software specialist Emotum, is launching its new Connection Manager software and business model ahead of next week’s Mobile World Congress. The offering, which has already been adopted by DNA Finland Oy, makes mobile and wireless connection management easier for service providers, giving a completely customisable solution to complement all deployment strategies.

The Connection Manager is feature rich, yet simple to use for both users and operators and has been specifically designed to provide a consistent user experience across Windows and Mac operating systems. It is device, connection and network agnostic, working seamlessly on 2G, 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi and Ethernet networks.

Ville Partanen, Product Manager for Data Devices at DNA Finland Oy, the first operator to take advantage of the software and service model, says: “Emotum’s new Connection Manager is the best software of its kind on the market. With a painless installation process, the solution is simple to operate, looks sleek and is user friendly. Combined with intelligent business features, including trouble shooting and diagnostic capabilities, data offloading, targeted messaging, intelligent link and software update management, this solution further strengthens our aim of providing easy-to-use and cost-effective mobile broadband solutions for consumers and enterprises.”

Extended functionality can be further achieved with Emotum’s Connection Centre, self-help software custom designed for service providers to reduce the cost of customer support while increasing customer satisfaction. The software integrates monitoring, diagnostics and repair tools within an intuitive user interface to assist customers to perform common tasks, search for answers to common questions and fix problems themselves without the reliance on support calls.

Emotum has been developing connectivity software since 2003 with a global customer base in Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. This latest solution combines a connection manager, a server management system and a customer service level agreement providing all the essential tools required to effectively manage a customer’s mobile and wireless broadband connections quickly and effectively.

“Our mission is to create intelligent software for broadband users to help them get and stay connected,” says Craig Norman, Emotum’s Managing Director. “We have created a software deployment, development and update ecosystem that allows us to quickly and easily localise, install and support new customers. Our business model makes the solution affordable and scalable for all players in the industry, regardless of their size.”