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TelecomsTalk | June 24, 2019

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Addressing the Need for Standardization and Best Practices in Big Data


Open Mobile Alliance and industry experts to discuss the future of big data, mCommerce and mobile advertising at Dublin event

Industry leaders from the mobile advertising community will gather in Dublin this June to attend a Big Data seminar, hosted by the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA). The seminar will take place at the Burlington Hotel in Dublin, Ireland, on June 6 and, for the first time, participants around the world will be able to join the event over an interactive webinar streamed live throughout the day.

The seminar, titled, “The era of Big Data, mCommerce and Mobile Advertising – How standards can fill the gaps in the ecosystem,” will unite industry giants such as GS1, Huawei, and Telefonica, among others. Speakers will explore the ecosystem and make recommendations for new standards and best practices, which will stimulate innovation, market growth and greater end-user satisfaction.

“On the mobile device, each use of an application, view of a website, text received or call made, results in the creation, collection and use of data,” said Gary Jones, Board Chairman of OMA. “This seminar will examine the big data landscape as it relates to mobile advertising and mCommerce and identify areas where the industry and OMA can contribute to interoperability, security and ease of use across networks and applications.”

The interactive session will address: the Big Data generation and what is needed for efficiency and interconnectivity; mobile commerce and advertising and what is needed to enhance current services; the need for increased standardization in mobile codes and NFC; and mobile social interaction and the role of standardized or proprietary APIs.

Attendees can join in person or over the interactive live-streamed webinar, which will enable viewers to present questions to the panel. Attendance is free for OMA members and a select number of invited guests. Interested parties should contact Elizabeth Rose at erose@omaorg.org. See http://www.omaevents.org/ to register for the webinar.