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TelecomsTalk | January 19, 2019

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UTEL Sees Large Increase in Copper Line Test Solution Orders from Major European Telecom Suppliers


Remote copper telecoms testing solution sales significantly up in December and January

Europe’s leading independent research and development centre for telecommunications systems, UTEL, says sales of its Test Access Switch Matrix (TASM) for remote copper network testing are up by more than 25 per cent year on year.

Many of Europe’s largest telecoms suppliers have increased their orders and new customers have also agreed deals for the market-leading technology which is already deployed over more than 15 million lines in the UK and on the continent.

“With the deployment of more and more fibre networks across Europe, we are seeing telecoms network operators wanting to free up their skilled engineers still working on copper. The UTEL TASM achieves this effectively far more successfully than other techniques, including selt, melt, delt,” said Frank Kaufhold, Managing Director of UTEL. “Network operators are also continuing to sweat the copper assets in their portfolio, minimise operational cost and keep the customers as happy as possible. This product ticks those boxes.”

The UTEL remote TASM solution, unlike single ended, double ended or metallic line tests (selt, delt, melt), does not rely on an active modem at the customer end of the network. It can detect and isolate faults on the copper line from the contact centre and without the need for skilled engineers to interpret the data.

“This is yet another technology that we have built specifically for its purpose, which not only reduces operation costs for telecoms service providers, but also improves customer services. That’s why it is so successful,” added Kaufhold.

The technology, which has become the leading TASM solution within the British market for testing copper networks, is currently undergoing trials in a host of new European countries as the market continues to expand. UTEL has taken on new staff to cope with the increase in demand and is also liaising with new suppliers in China.

New modules are currently under development at the UTEL headquarters for more DSLAM types.