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TelecomsTalk | May 7, 2021

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Genesis Technical Systems Respond to Rising Market Demands with Engineering & Operations Director Appointments


Mark Ray and Jaswant Chima bring strong telecoms and business
backgrounds to telecoms vendor

Coventry-based Genesis Technical Systems has appointed Mark Ray as Operations Director and Jaswant Chima as Engineering Director. Both individuals join Genesis following the launch of mBond® which is providing business broadband to customers of a number of European service providers, as well as being tested in Latin America, in preparation for field trials within the region.

Mark’s strategic and operational business experience in the delivery of international optimisation projects will bring many benefits to the business exposures of mBond® – the pioneering technology of Genesis – optimised to exploit bandwidth capabilities of copper infrastructures.

“I could see that Genesis was on the cusp of greatness with their product offering, the size of the whole proposition is staggering,” said Mark Ray, Operations Director at Genesis Technical Systems.

“Consumers have little to no time at all to wait for things today and having a much faster response time to online requests will support the higher number of internet-based products in the home. Genesis products will bring download and upload speeds to a level that will become the new industry benchmark.”

As well as investment into business operations and product outreach, Genesis is equally committed to ongoing product development and has appointed Jaswant Chima as Engineering Director.

Jaswant has experience within the delivery of Next Generation Access services such as Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) and Fibre to the Premises (FTTP), it is services such as these where Genesis products such as mBond® and DSL Rings® can bring huge delivery improvements.

“Genesis Technical Systems has unique technology that can solve otherwise intractable problems associated with universal broadband access,” said Jaswant Chima, Engineering Director at Genesis Technical Systems.

“Genesis Products offer quick, cost-efficient deployment and deliver benefits to business and consumer markets unachievable with traditional technology. Quick return on investment is a key benefit, particularly when compared against alternative solutions requiring the expensive installations of Fibre to the Home (FTTH).”

The two appointments come at a time of market-wide recognition of the advantages that Genesis products can bring to backhaul bandwidth and network capacities, this is coupled with ever-increasing global interest in mBond® and DSL Rings®.

“We’re very pleased to have both Mark and Jaswant on board at Genesis,” said Ian Mackenzie, Chairman of Genesis Technical Systems. “With recent mBond sales in Europe, requests for mBond in Latin America, and demand for DSL Rings in North America, it is the perfect time to have elite professionals, with fresh ideas and thoughts, join the company. Mark and Jaswant, with a wealth of experience within their respective fields, will enable Genesis to leverage new products for new markets.”