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TelecomsTalk | June 24, 2018

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InfiNet Wireless launches educational platform for enhanced wireless communication


Malta, 24 May: InfiNet Wireless, global leader in fixed broadband wireless connectivity, has announced the launch of its own educational platform, the InfiNet Wireless Academy. InfiNet Wireless Academy is an information and training platform for customers and partners who use InfiNet solutions and is a one-stop expertise centre for high-speed wireless communication. iphone 8 case name The new platform is part of the InfiNet Wireless Ecosystem, a set of services and tools designed to support InfiNet users at all stages of wireless access network operations. iphone 7 folded case The Academy offers various courses for studying the key characteristics of InfiNet Wireless equipment, the technologies it offers, the application areas of the solutions, installation and commissioning of the products. The educational platform provides access to numerous tools and functions, such as webinars, video screencasts, and full-time education courses. iphone 8 plus silicone full case Additionally, the Academy offers specially dedicated online courses for those who wish to study individually. iphone 7 phone case dog Dmitry Okorokov, CEO at InfiNet Wireless, said: “The InfiNet team goes beyond manufacturing carrier-grade equipment for wireless access. iphone 7 plus phone case prime It aims to deploy a fully-fledged knowledge ecosystem that enhances the efficient use of our products. “The field of wireless technology is developing extremely fast and the most convenient way to catch up with it is to learn. iphone 7 leather case InfiNet Wireless Academy ensures that industry specialists obtain professional training, thus increasing their chances of quick and efficient adaptation to the changes in this industry.” When logging into the Academy portal, a calendar of events is displayed, and includes a wide offering of learning tools, from training courses to webinars. The platform also allows users to benefit from tracking their learning history. Clean interface and search functions also provide instant access to any resources needed on the portal. The materials presented on the InfiNet Wireless Academy are the result of extensive collaboration between in-house experts and the customers who use the manufacturer’s solutions. stone roses phone case iphone 7 Training courses and documents are constantly updated by the employees who are directly involved in the development of our wireless systems. There are many advantages to the educational platform, including the convenience of the training format itself which allows 24-hour, always-on access to all of the educational materials. This means users at any time can obtain all the necessary information to solve the most complex tasks associated with the establishment and operation of wireless networks.